Collections Department

Daniel Calderon
In 1932, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum was founded by civic leaders and members of the community intent on preserving their city's rich history.

Since then, the museum has become the foremost repository for our area's history and houses over 80,000 museum artifacts and objects. This unique collection showcases over 450 years of California history and contains items from the Chumash period, through early Spanish and Mexican California, and into the 20th century.

In addition, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum features an outstanding collection of fine art from the late Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Mexican, and Early California periods, along with the world's largest institutional collection of works by artists such as Ludmilla Welch, Clarence Mattei, and John Edward Borein

Support the Collection

To donate to the collection, sponsor conservation, or for more information, please contact Daniel Calderon, Chief Curator at (805) 966-1601 ext.104, or click here to email the Collections Department.