First Thursdays at the Museum

May 7, June 4 from 5 - 8pm

Walking Tour- George Washington Smith & Lutah Maria Riggs

March 28, 9:30 am

Beginning at the Museum stroll the streets of downtown with architectural historian Rose Thomas to discover the work of two architects whose legacy continues with our own Santa Barbara Style.

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Artists of the Meridian - By historian Hattie Beresford

April 9, 5:30 pm - Reservations required. $20 Members/ $25 Guests

Santa Barbara Historical Museum Meridian Studios

Historian Hattie Beresford will give a presentation about the lovely Meridian Studios, from the building's history and the intriguing artists who've created work there.

Designed by George Washington Smith and Carleton Monroe Winslow in the 1920s, the enchanting Meridian Studios on De la Guerra Street has drawn more than its share of incredible artists. And no wonder; not only was the architectural concept of north-facing studios with living lofts appealing, but "meridian" signifies the point of highest development, the peak or zenith of one's profession. Between 1922 and 1977 nineteen storied artists lived and/or worked at the Meridian - including such names as Spirit of the Ocean sculptor Ettore Cadorin; a homeless Huguette Clark; deaf cowboy artist Joe De Yong; portraitist Edith Catlin Phelps, the incredible Adele Herter, and ill-fated muralist Gordon Kenneth Grant.

Lecture sponsored by William Burtness.

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Teacher's Night Out

April 22, 5-7 pm - Free

Calling all teachers! Come to the Museum for a special after-hours wine reception to be appreciated, celebrate history, learn more about the Museum's programs and give us your valuable feedback.

Sponsored by the Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation. For more information, contact  « CLICK HERE »

UCSB Gaucho Alumni Weekend Kick Off

April 23, 5:30 pm- Free

The community is invited to celebrate UCSB with a reception in the Museum's lovely courtyard.

Lecture - California's Channel Islands: A History

May 1 at 11 am - Free for members/ Guests $10

Prehistoric foragers, conquistadors, missionaries, adventurers, and rugged agriculturalists parade across the histories of these little-known islands on the horizon of twenty-first century Southern California. This chain of eight islands is home to a biodiversity unrivaled anywhere on Earth. In addition, the Channel Islands reveal the complex geology and the natural and human history of this part of the world, from the first human in North America to modern-day ranchers, vineyardists, yachtsmen, and backpackers.

Join author Frederic Caire Chiles whose own ancestors battled the elements to build empires based on cattle, sheep, wine, and wool. He is also the author of Justinian Caire and Santa Cruz Island: The Rise and Fall of a California Dynasty.

QUAKE! Santa Barbara Remembers the 1925 Earthquake

May 7 - July 7

Santa Barbara Historical Museum Earthquake exhibit

Quake! The 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake - Exhibition Opening May 7

4:30 pm, Member Preview
5-8pm, First Thursday Opening
6pm, Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Puppet Show For Children Complimentary admission.

Boom! At the dawn of June 29, 1925, our city shook with a 6.3 earthquake leaving much of downtown destroyed or heavily damaged.

Out of the rubble a new Santa Barbara would arise with the headline, "Spanish Architecture to Rise from Ruins".

Quake! The 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake - Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Puppet Show For Children

May 16, 10:30 am Free

Lecture - Santa Barbara Earthquake

May 28, 5:30 pm

Santa Barbara Historical Museum Neal Graffy

Neal Graffy will illuminate the Museum's Earthquake exhibit and introduce his latest book about the 1925 quake that changed our city (and style!) forever.

Lecture - Ray Strong

June 4 - August 30

Santa Barbara Historical Museum Holiday Party

In a community-wide celebration, the Museum will explore the work of Ray Strong.

As a founding member of the Oak Group, Strong influenced an entire generation of painters in Santa Barbara County.

Guest curator, Marlene R. Miller.

June 11, 5:30 pm (tentative date)

To complement our collaborative exhibition, our members will enjoy apresentation about legendary local artist Ray Strong.


July 18 - September 15

Santa Barbara Historical Museum Project Fiedsta

Experience the pageantry and fashion of Old Spanish Days, Santa Barbara's most cherished cultural festival for over 90 years.

Featuring vintage posters, restored costumes, artifacts and historical photos that connects our community and celebrates our traditions.

James Osborne & Mary Craig

Fall, TBD

Santa Barbara Historical El Paseo

James Osborne Craig and his wife, Mary McLaughin Craig, are two of the most significant architects of Santa Barbara.

James Osborne designed the landmark El Paseo and Mary went on to design landmarks like Plaza Rubio opposite the Santa Barbara Mission.

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