Past Exhibits

In 1932, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum was founded as a historical society by members of the community intent on preserving their city's rich history. In the seventy-nine years since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds into a renowned professional institution. Our museum today is without parallel, and stands as the preeminent socio-cultural center for the study of Santa Barbara's storied history, from the past, through the present, and into the future.

This story is interpreted through a variety of artifacts, artwork, documents, and books with one thing in common - they were donated or acquired through support from our community. Next time you pass through the galleries, take note of the label copy, for some of our city's most famous names grace the credit lines. Many of our founding families are here, including the Carrillos, the Dibblees, the Hollisters, the Oreñas, and the Poetts. Some of the city's most influential individuals are also represented in the likes of Pearl Chase, Dwight Murphy, Sam Stanwood, and Thomas More Storke. And of course, we must mention Mrs. Lucille Borein, for her many visionary gifts created the basis of our exemplary collection on the famous Western American artist, Edward Borein.


Recent gifts to the Permanent Collection.
Thank you to our donors.

Flying A

The Flying A Studios
operated in Santa Barbara between 1912 and 1921

Recent exhibitions have included: